Friday, December 23, 2011

Every HS Varsity Head Coach should be on Twitter

My previous blog post explained how Twitter has impacted my professional growth.  This post is going to briefly discuss why I believe every high school varsity head coach needs to be utilizing Twitter.  Here's why:

  • Twitter allows coach's to publicize their own teams in a very easy format.  It takes no more than a few seconds to post scores, results, upcoming games/matches, etc.  The more people are informed, the more support your team will receive. 

  • Local sports writers covering prep athletics can easily follow your teams.  When I was a varsity head coach, I frequently received compliments from local writers about how much they appreciated my website, where I would post information daily.  Sure, we as coaches often fall into the trap of, "Well, if they want the information, it is their job to come get it."  Hey, I was a Head Men's Tennis Coach, and I knew that I had go bust my rear end to get some ink in the local papers.  If you truly want your teams to get attention, you've got to publicize yourself.  Twitter allows this to be done with a very little time requirement. 

  • The parents of your players will love it.  Happy parents = less headaches. 

  • Twitter helps promote student body support for your support.  Your followers will extend to current non-participating students, alumni, and even students of other schools.

  • The number of coaching resources on Twitter are endless.  I don't care if you coach basketball, tennis, or swimming, any coach can find hundreds of resources on Twitter.  The days of attending all-day coaching clinics are gone when you can reach out to the top coaches in the country, especially college coaches, on a daily basis through Twitter.  My mentor, while I was an Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach, told me that any clinic is beneficial if you can come away with three things.  On Twitter, you can pull away much more than that.

  • There are hundreds of fitness training resources, as well, that are not necessarily sport-specific.  Most gyms have Twitter accounts that provide various workouts, exercises, and health tips daily. 
These are the main reasons why I believe every high school varsity head coach should be on Twitter.  As a former Head Coach who kept as intense of a schedule as most D-1 tennis coaches, I know that time is of a minimum.  But, I believe the above reasons are well-worth the time for all coaches to utilize Twitter.

A HUGE thank you to all high school coaches for everything you do for our student-athletes.

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The opinions shared in this blog belong to Craig Smith and do not represent the school or district in which he works.

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