Friday, October 25, 2013

He's the Man: Honoring Mr. P

He turned 80 years-YOUNG on Wednesday.

When asked, "What's your secret?" in regards to aging so well, he responds, "I don't drink.  I don't smoke.  I eat well."

He always steps up for athletic duty if we are short one person.

He sets high-expectations for students in a very old-school type of way.

He serves as a student advocate, especially for many of our Limited English Proficient students, as well as our Hispanic students.

He's eager to learn new technology.

He's the oldest teacher in Gaston County Schools, and possibly the oldest Licensed employee in the district.

He opens up his classroom for Beginning Teachers to peer observe without being asked by administration.

He genuinely enjoys my YouTube Bi-Weekly Updates, telling me, "Mr. Smith, it's like you're sitting right in front of me in the room!"

He asks for permission to "leave early" at 3:15 pm.  School ends at 3:00 pm.

He escorted a Homecoming candidate because her father was unavailable.

He's spoken to me in confidence about retirement and why he continues to teach.

He's always here.  Last spring, he needed to attend an out-of-state funeral which required missing a day.  In complete sincerity, he asked me, "Mr. Smith, do I pay the sub directly?"  I loved it.

If I am able to celebrate my 80th birthday in a school, I will have been in education for 58 years.  That's usually the length of someone's life when they retire.

He's admired, respected, and beloved by the Ashbrook Community.

He's a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather.

He's Mr. Pajaro, but to most, he's "Mr. P."

To me, he's a tremendous inspiration.

Simply put, he's the man.

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  1. NO doubt about it Sr. Pajaro is the man!!

  2. An inspiration to us all.

  3. I love Mr. P and how he makes students feel. It is clear they love him, his class and as a result Ashbrook!

  4. Mr. P is an inspiration to the Teachers and Students. We are lucky to have such a fine Man working with us at Ashbrook.

  5. Very well written. Mr. P has been such a great mentor to me since I began teaching at AHS. He's always there to lend a helping hand to colleagues and students - a truly dedicated, inspirational educator!