Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thank You, Ashbrook

This is a much more challenging blog post and most likely will not adequately represent all that I wish to share.  
Picture C/o J. Kay

We frequently communicate, "Once a Greenwave, Always a Greenwave."  I am so blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to serve as your Assistant Principal for four years.
I am very fortunate to love what I do, looking forward to each Ashbrook school-day as I ventured on I-485 and I-85 into Gaston County.  It is my hope that the genuine enthusiasm has resonated every day for the past four years.

Leonardo DiCaprio once said, "My number one priority is to do things I've been wanting to do, for as long as I can remember, to take advantage of the opportunities I have right now."  

As a result, my service to Ashbrook and Gaston County Schools will conclude when the Class of 2015 Summer School graduates walk across the stage in our Auditorium.  I will be accepting an educational opportunity in another district.

The pride and passion of Ashbrook goes beyond green shoes on a Friday.  The passion of Ashbrook is demonstrated by caring, loving, and selfless educators who put their heart and soul into the students.  The passion of Ashbrook is evident on the first day of school, when painter's pants and overalls fill the hallway; The passion is present when 300+ graduates set foot on Eccles Field on Graduation Saturday, and this passion is shared by the community every day in-between. 

My challenge to the entire faculty, staff, and student body is to simply continue owning, and more importantly, continue sharing the passion and pride you all have in Ashbrook High School.  The uniqueness of the Ashbrook Community is demonstrated through the strong ownership by all stakeholders, but this 'wave' of ownership is centralized internally by the staff and the students.
Picture C/o Ashbrook Wavelengths

To the students, especially the Class of 2016, it does sadden me to look ahead to next year and envision not contributing to your final year of high school.  You are a special group of students and I will think of you often. 

To the faculty and staff, words cannot truly express how much I value the past four years together.  Your trust, dedication to our school, and collaborative efforts have allowed us to accomplish impressive goals together.  You all have allowed me to grow, professionally and personally, and your support has been continuous.  I am so blessed to be afforded the opportunity to serve as your Assistant Principal.

I cannot thank both the Ashbrook High School and Gaston County Communities enough for your support and leadership opportunities within the district.  I will forever be indebted for the professional and personal growth afforded to me these last four years.

I will remain an email, call, text, or direct message away.  You will see me back and you can look forward to a familiar face when visiting Huntersville.  

It has been an HONOR.

I will miss you.


Thank you for viewing,

Mr. Smith
"Agent Smith"
Craig S. Smith

The opinions shared in this blog belong to Craig Smith and do not represent the school or district in which he works.


  1. You will be missed my friend, but I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I'll keep in touch online ;)

  2. Oh no! Whose room will I run into with new kool math ideas? (And I know he is just excited about it as I am). We will miss you, Craig! Best wishes on your new "assignment ", Agent Smith!

  3. Congratulations! We will miss you. Keep bringing that enthusiasm to your new school and staff--they are lucky to have you.

  4. Gaston County is losing a strong leader and administrator.
    I am thankful for your support and encouragement to an older veteran like me striving to keep French alive with my students!!
    My French III/IV students will miss seeing you excited when they shared photos of them teaching pre-school children each Friday!
    My prayers will always be with you and I look forward to hearing great news from you!!!

  5. Pamela FunderburkJune 25, 2015 at 11:58 PM

    Best of luck on your new endeavor Craig. Who will ever replace Gatsby? You were the best and will be an asset to your new school - truly a loss for Gaston County Schools. Agent Smith will be missed by all.