Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Response to GCS Pinnacle Technology Integration

This is a response to the blog post published on the GCS Pinnacle Blogspot regarding Technology Integration

To the GCS Instructional Tech. Facilitators and Pinnacle team,

I hope you don't mind a member of the GCS administrative team sharing my thoughts:

Through the school-based recommendations and professional development, along with the fantastic collaborative opportunities our Pinnacle teachers receive, it would be safe to say the majority of you would "Meet" and/or "Exceed" on these essential conditions.  As I picture the teachers in my building who integrate technology regularly and effectively, positively impacting student-learning, I believe they would also be rated similarly.

I believe the primary issue is the lengthy gap between teachers meeting theses standards and teachers far from reaching the technology standard.  Consequently, this alters the essential standard rating for the entire school and, more importantly, limit the adequate 21st-Century based (sorry, we agreed to simply call this "learning") learning necessary for our students to be successful.

On that note, I challenge all of our Pinnacle teachers to be technology integration leaders in your grade-level teams, PLC/PLN's, and schools, both formally and informally.  The primary reason non-tech savvy teachers shy aware from incorporating these instructional strategies is fear.  Help eliminate the fear through proactive support and collaboration, ensuring EVERY teacher MEETS these essential technology conditions.

Thank you to our Pinnacle Leaders.  Keep up the great work!!

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