Friday, July 27, 2012

30 Reasons Today is a Blessing

Some people flip out on a day like today.  Me, on the other hand, have "30" reasons why today is an absolute blessing:

(in no particular order)

  1. I have an amazing, beautiful wife who loves me, despite my faults.
  2. We have an incredible daughter.
  3. My mother would do anything for us at the drop of a hat.
  4. My mother-in-law would do anything for us at the drop of a hat.
  5. I have a father-in-law, who is truly my Dad.
  6. In the past few years, I have gone from an "only child" to having a great brother and sister.
  7. Due to Skype technology, our grandparents were able to see and talk to their great-granddaughter, even though they all live in Michigan.
  8. Our best friends are like extended family.
  9. We live in a beautiful home.
  10. We live in a safe neighborhood.
  11. Huntersville is a great place to live.
  12. Our extended family is loaded with Uncles, Aunts, etc. who care about us deeply.
  13. I have excellent health.
  14. My fitness goals are constantly ongoing and I enjoy them.
  15. My wife and I are both safely employed and we know where our next paycheck is coming from.
  16. I love my "job" and look forward to "work" every single day.
  17. My boss is a leader and someone I would run through a wall for.
  18. Our staff works as a team, which I am a part of.
  19. I am learning every day and am challenged every day.
  20. I truly believe I am effectively impacting students, therefore making a difference in the future.
  21. University of Michigan Football is in the national spotlight for positive reasons.
  22. University of Michigan basketball is in the national spotlight for positive reasons.
  23. The Detroit Tigers are not only playoff contenders, but World Series contenders.
  24. I was able to see the Detroit Lions make the playoffs last year.
  25. Twitter has allowed me to connect with others worldwide.
  26. I feel we are on the verge of something great by connecting educators in North Carolina with the #NCADMIN chat.
  27. The 2011-2012 season allowed me to actively compete at a high-level in USTA tennis again.
  28. Former students and athletes are now in the post-schooling world and say "thank you."
  29. I have earned my Bachelor's and Master's.
  30. I am blessed by God.
I won't take any of these for granted, especially because it was so easy to make a list of 30.  I wonder what my list of 40 will look like?

Thanks for reading!


Craig Smith

The opinions shared in this blog belong to Craig Smith     and do not represent the school or district in which he works.

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