Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Team-Building Activity: Get to Know Me

I started my End of the Year Academy Meeting with an activity called "Get to Know Me".

Faculty were to get into self-created groups of three, but with three rules to adhere.  Group members could NOT:

1.  Be in your department     

2.  Teach in the classroom next to you   
3.  Serve on a committee/coaching staff/etc. with you

This required teachers to interact with others from which they regularly do not converse with on a daily basis.

Once the groups were determined, each group member shared the following with the group:

1)  Name a moment from this school year of which you are very proud.

2)  Name something most people do not know about you.

3)  Name someone you admire and why you believe they are admirable.

I provided about three-four minutes for the groups to converse with each other.  After this time was provided, I required one member from each group to share a fellow group-member's response to one of the items.

I asked for volunteers and most groups had someone willing to share without request.  After the first few volunteers shared a colleague's response to #2, I required responses to #1 or #3 to be shared.

The clear benefit of entire group was to learn more about each other.  Everyone was also able to share what they value and more importantly, what their colleagues value.

I believe this activity can be used for team-building in a wide-range of venues, from a classroom to a corporate office.

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