Monday, July 29, 2013

Larry Fedora & Social Media

I happened to have ESPN Radio's SVP & Russillo on the background in my office today to catch Scott Van Pelt's interview with Larry Fedora, Head Football Coach at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

I was very impressed with Fedora's thoughts and opinions on Social Media, specifically Twitter:

"It's a tremendous tool these kids have in front of them.  It's all about educating to use this to your advantage."

"You're branding yourself for your future, for your job, for your career.  There are so many positive things you can do with it."

It is very refreshing to hear a large-profile college football coach identify the positives of Social Media, rather then condemn Social Media.  Later in the interview, Fedora also discussed the need to educate and discuss young people on the potential misuse and mistakes of Social Media.

This past spring, in a monthly coaches meeting, my Athletic Director discussed and shared an example of a Department of Athletics Policy on Student-Athlete Social Networking from...UNC-CH.

My favorite component of the Policy states, "What you post may affect your future...employers review social networking sites...Carefully consider how you want people to perceive you...".

It is worth noting this Policy was originally adopted in August of 2010 and has been revised in 2011 and 2012, I can assume as new and never-before-imagined situations occur with the NCAA.

The entire UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Athletics Policy on Student-Athlete Social Networking and Media Use: HERE

I believe there is a connection between Coach Larry Fedora's thoughts on Social Media and the support he would receive due to the Policy put forth.  Fedora is another example of a high-profile educational leader (don't forget, college football coaches work for higher-education institutions) to acknowledge the benefits of Social Media.  School leaders and educators, like myself, who continually defend and promote the educational uses of Social Media and how it benefits today's students appreciate this message.

Thank you, Coach Fedora.

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