Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Illustration of PLC Model-Teacher

I was recently asked to write a letter on behalf of a teacher to "verify their contribution and participation" in their Professional Learning Community. It was not difficult to draft the letter, as this teacher is an essential member of a very dynamic and effective PLC. After completing the letter, I realized how it creates an illustration of the characteristics for a teacher fully involved in an effective Professional Learning Community:

(the teacher's name and content-area have been removed for anonymity)

To Whom It May Concern,

Teacher is a crucial member of the content Professional Learning Community.  I work very closely with the content PLC as their instructional supervisor and this PLC commits to ensuring high levels of learning for both students and teachers, while sharing common goals.

Teacher engages in instructional collaboration, data analysis, and various other issues impacting student learning.  She is very responsive to instructional feedback and welcomes administration into their classroom, requesting feedback to be shared within the Professional Learning Community.

All members of the content Professional Learning Community enthusiastically support PLC-wide initiatives focused on student achievement.  They take responsibility for initiating, implementing, and monitoring the shared student-based instructional goals of the content PLC.

Teacher encourages meaningful dialogue through shared reflections in collaborative sessions with her colleagues, as well as Pre- and Post-Conferences with their instructional supervisor. Teacher is eager to make modifications by examining her own instruction and making adjustments based on the needs of her students, as well as the collective needs of the PLC.

Teacher is extremely knowledgeable of the content and their knowledge is aligned with the instruction regularly implemented in their classroom.  She incorporates and embeds shared instructional-goals from within the PLC.

I fully endorse teacher and verify their contribution and participation in a fully-cohesive Professional Learning Community at Ashbrook High School.

Yours in Education,

Craig S. Smith
Assistant Principal

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