Sunday, August 17, 2014

Evidence of Progress: This Summer and Connected Educators

Immediately after the conclusion of the 2013-2014 school year, I was asked to participate in the "golden nugget" portion of the GCS Administrators Conference.  Our Leadership Cabinet asked if I would discuss Twitter and/or my Professional Learning Network to K-12 Principals, Assistant Principals, and Central Office leadership.  I conferred with a few of my colleagues to determine what the best use of time to assist those school leaders who are unsure of how to utilize Twitter professionally, so I decided on "What the heck is a 'hashtag' and how can I use it to grow professionally?".  It was an unusual breakout session title, but it focused the discussion on what I believed was an underlying question many school administrators needed answered.

Later, in early July, I was asked by the Instructional Technology Facilitators to share with our Pinnacle Leaders during their summer training session.  Pinnacle is a group of technology-driven teacher-leaders, K-12, selected through an extensive application process.  Pinnacle teachers join a cohort and lead technology-driven instructional professional development within their schools.  The ITF's asked me to discuss the value of Professional Learning Networks, so I facilitated a discussion called "The Power of the PLN." (Also, see: #PowerofPLN)

I was truly honored to engage both groups.  But this post isn't about me.

It's evident the realization and value of being a "Connected Educator" is now being embraced in our district, and thankfully so.

I take great pride in frequently being referenced as "the Twitter guy" within our school and throughout the District.  The two aforementioned opportunities demonstrated a very important fact: Our district has recognized how being a Connected Educator greatly improves your own learning, leadership, and instruction.  Ultimately, this improves our schools and impacts our students.

Maybe "recognized" isn't the correct identifier.  Perhaps I should say being a Connected Educator is now widely supported. 

Three years ago, I cold not have imagined presenting to both of the above groups on hashtags, PLN's, and connecting.

I have always touted serving as "the example" in our District of the limitless professional growth opportunities within Social Media and how SM, primarily Twitter, can be used positively within our schools (I.e. #ncadmin, #AHSChat).

After this summer, maybe I don't have to be the example.  Maybe other educators are now willing to be the example...and more importantly, are supported to do so.


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