Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#SnowBrook - Creativity on a Snow Day (2/24/15 Chat Archive)

The following is the post published internally to all GCS Principals and Assistant Principals:


I wanted to share an activity I facilitated during yesterday's (2/24) snow day.  Many of you are well-aware of my persistent and oftentimes unrelenting promotion of Social Media positives, primarily how Twitter can be used to engage both students and staff.

Yesterday, I initiated and moderated an impromptu "#SnowBrook" chat to provide opportunities for Ashbrook High School students and staff to engage in some thought-provoking discussion items from the comfort of their homes (or classrooms, for a few).  The questions were easy to answer and personal, but required all participants to critically-think about history, film as literature, and Current Events, all of which are related to the HS-curriculum.

Craig S. Smith
Assistant Principal
Ashbrook High School

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