Friday, April 24, 2015

Advanced Placement Exams: FAQ's for Ashbrook Students

Advanced Placement Exams begin May 4th.  As AP Site Coordinator, I wanted to create a living blog post to address important reminders and respond to any questions students and parents may have.

While these details are specific to Ashbrook High School students, some of the information may pertain to all students engaged in Advanced Placement testing.

1.  I'll begin with the AP Exam Schedule.

1A.  AP Exams are at Hawks Nest Intermediate School.  (S/o to Mr. Grimmer for accommodating) 

2.  When students arrive, they should meet under the awning in front of the school.  Students do NOT enter the building until an Ashbrook staff member escorts them in.

This is where students will park. Please pay attention to traffic pattern arrows in the mornings.

Front entrance to Hawks Nest, including awning where students will meet.

3.  We will use 204 & 205 as the primary classrooms.  There will be a list with an assigned desk number outside each classroom.  Students will receive an assigned desk number and report immediately to the location.  Seats #1-33 are in 204; #34-52 are in 205.

4.  When students enter the school, take a right past the office.  You will pass the media center on the right, footprints on the wall on the left, then take a right at the end of the hall.  Stairs are on the right. I will be meeting students when they arrive during the first week.

5.  The morning testing session begins at 8 AM sharp.  The afternoon session begins at Noon.

6.  Students taking the Psychology, US History, and Statistics Exams must ride the provided bus from Ashbrook or be dropped-off at Hawks Nest.

THE BUS ONLY PROVIDES TRANSPORTATION FROM ASHBROOK TO HAWKS NEST, and then BACK TO ASHBROOK.  You must organize your own transportation after-school.

7.  The aforementioned bus will leave at 7:30 AM (US History) and 11:30 AM (Psychology, Statistics) from the STUDENT PARKING LOT.

8.  Bring your own pencils and pens.

9.  Bring your own approved calculator for Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, or Statistics Exams.  (See specific calculator policy)

10.  Do NOT bring your mobile device into the testing center.  Leave it in your car, either at Ashbrook or in the parking lot.  Any mobile device use will result in a cancelled test.  This includes breaks.  There will be a bin to turn in cell phones outside of room 204

11.  If you need to bring your lunch (for students taking multiple exams in one day), we will have a location outside of the testing rooms for storage.

12.  Students are excused from school on test-taking days ONLY.  Students may still attend classes on the day in which they testing, but are not required to.  I will be providing daily lists to teachers.

13. Practice Questions for various subjects.

14. AP Test Review Day @ UNC-Charlotte.

Updated 5/4/15 8:47 AM

Students, come find me if you have ANY questions.

Parents, students, and teachers are encouraged to tweet questions to me @CSmithGoBlue or leave questions at the bottom of this post in the comments sections.  Do not leave a message on my office voicemail, as I may not receive it prior to your student's test.

Thank you,

Mr. Smith

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  1. Yes, students may be dropped off. Please make sure to secure a ride after your test has completed.