Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Four Thoughts from Today's Distribution Day

Distribution Day at LNC is the event in which students and parents arrive to pick up their highly anticipated schedules, receive Schoology log-in info, and much more.
Here are four reflections from today:

1.  We have a large amount of families with a first time high school student as a 9th grader, who also have siblings at the Middle School.  This should enhance our already impressive parent involvement, as there will be a long-term buy-in for all involved.  Also, continuing the collaboration among the buildings will be enhanced by utilizing shared stakeholders.

2.  I have tremendous respect for any high school student who takes the initiative to approach their new principal, hand outstretched, and introduce themselves.  

3.  Today was a painful reminder of how my feet have become "out of school day" shape.  Two+ hours in the gym in not-so-comfortable shoes and I couldn't wait to sit down.  I have taken advantage of the "summer business casual" look, especially with footwear.  An effective school administrator should always have sore feet after the first day(s) of school.  If today was any indication, that again will be of no issue for me.

4.  I truly enjoyed meeting so many of our parents and students.  First impressions are so important, as I hope my excitement for this school-year was apparent.  Every time I asked a student of they were excited for school to begin, I reminded them "School begins next Thursday regardless, so we might as well be excited for it."

Thanks to everyone who attended today's Distribution Day and thanks for viewing.


The opinions shared in this blog belong to Craig Smith and do not represent the school or district in which he works.

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