Monday, October 5, 2015

Five R's: Preferred Order

I came across the below tweet during Sunday's #21stedchat:
While I was not actively participating in the chat, it definitely caught my attention.  So I started thinking about my preferred order I would place these Five R's:

1.  Relationships

2.  Relevance

We have to make sure everything we teach has a purpose to the lives' of our students.

3.  Rigor

Probably the most highly-debated term in education vernacular, we struggle defining "rigor".  I like two synonyms: precision and tenacity (although tenacity may be a little intense).

4.  Results

While the primary focus is not the results, we need to continuously assess progress towards common goals.

5.  Reflection

We need to continually reflect, including and especially students.

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  1. I feel as though everything taught in school is relevant not through direct application but because of the concepts and patterns that can be drawn from them and used in understanding a wider context. I consider a lot of that argument from the students' side as the inability to appreciate knowledge and use it creatively, which might be something schools should teach as well. That being said, no teacher has devoted a unit to teaching me how to crack an egg. Irrelevancy can be achieved.