Friday, October 14, 2016

Student-Led Professional Development for Teachers

October 12th, 2016 was a Teacher Workday/Professional Development for the entire Lake Norman Charter faculty and staff.  Back by popular demand, the highlight was the 2nd Annual Student-led Content-specific tech-based sessions, which occurred for all teachers.

Last year, our Digital Multimedia and Global Citizenship students ("DigCit", for short) provided tech-based PD to our teachers, organized by content-teams, and it was a resounding success.  As a result, our students were able to provide intentional, applicable strategies to their own teachers, based on what they have experienced in their own classrooms.

The students submitted anonymous feedback to our DigCit teachers (@SraMcNeilly@JEllenLord).  The feedback is very interesting and provides insight to what it's like for the "roles" to be reversed.  I have included a few of these short reflections, which includes both positive and constructive, with some Twitter Media from the afternoon:

"I had a great time presenting at the professional development!  I had so many teachers tell me that we did a great job and they enjoyed hearing our ideas and I know that one of my teachers is already planning on using one of the techniques we talked about this week.  I was surprised with how engaged the teachers were and that they were actually considering us and asking questions and genuinely trying to figure out the new methods we were teaching them."

"Overall, I thought the PD day went well.  I thought most of the teachers had positive reactions and outnumbered the negative ones.  I was actually surprised how much the teachers were interested by what we were saying and by the fact that some of them were even taking notes.  I hope teachers take what we taught them and try them out in their classrooms, even it doesn't work out that well."

"I thought it was cool to switch up the roles and have the teachers find out new ways to teach and organize daily lessons."

"I feel like most of the teachers had a positive reaction and hopefully they will incorporate these things in theeir classrooms."

"The reactions of the teachers were either really excited to try something new or not interested at all.  There were some teachers who were rude and feisty, but it was expected.  I hope teachers will use this information but my expectations are not that high for certain teachers."

"I thought it was very interesting to see teachers out of their teaching role, and it surprised me how much like students they can be - some are rowdy, some are quiet, some are disinterested, just like students!"

My favorite:

"It was weird to be in charge of the teachers.  I get what they go through now, though."

Thanks to our student-led PD, our teachers are reminded what it's like to be students, too, and continue to model lifelong learning.

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