Monday, February 27, 2017

Senior Trip Acknowledgements

Yesterday (in the early morning), 65 Seniors and six chaperones safely returned to Lake Norman Charter after the inaugural Universal Studios Senior Trip.  I wanted to take a moment and digitally share some appreciation.

First, thank you to the parents who entrusted us to take care of their students in Orlando for three days.  Parents entrust us to take care of their students during normal school-hours on a daily basis, but it's a different element of trust when it requires a long-distance trip.

Next, thank you to all of my colleagues for putting up with their Principal away from school for the weekend, especially one who has a habit of extreme-levels of enthusiasm.

The seniors who participated in the trip need to express their appreciation to both Mrs. Derwich and Ms. McFarland for their immense planning and preparation, which allowed this event to be both fun and run smoothly.

In addition, I believe it's important for the trip participants to know that it required persistence by both Mrs. Derwich and Ms. McFarland, as Senior Class Advisors, to provide the opportunity to our students.  They both "went to bat" for you to be given this opportunity and provided their full endorsement.  Thank them for doing so.

At the October 13th Senior Trip Meeting for parents and students, I communicated the responsibility all trip attendees had been given, as the success or shortcomings of this trip was going to determine if future Senior Classes would be given a similar opportunity.  In my typical "Don't Be That Senior..." dialogue, I iterated how their actions could not only impact their own future privileges, but could also directly impact the opportunities for future students at Lake Norman Charter.

Therefore, all future LNC Seniors need to thank this subset of the Class of 2017.  I am not going to guarantee a Senior Trip will be available every year at LNC; Yet, I won't hesitate to share how this group has positively increased the chances of a trip becoming an annual event.

I appreciate all 65 Seniors for making this trip a tremendous success.  Your conduct was consistent with what we expected and we had absolutely no issues.  You all represented the entire Lake Norman Charter Community extremely well and consequently, I thank you.

Keep it up; it will be June before you know it.


Thank you for viewing,

Mr. Smith

The opinions shared in this blog belong to Craig Smith and do not represent the school or district in which he works.

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