Friday, November 16, 2012

Connected Educator Month Thank You

The following is a copy of the "Connected Educator Month" letter I received earlier this week:

November 14, 2012
Dear Craig,

We would like to extend you and your colleague, Derek McCoy, a huge thank you for participating in Connected Educator Month.  Together, we reached tens of thousands of educators, created a social media phenomenon, and developed a sense of shared investment in being and supporting connected educators that we are confident will continue to bear fruit well into the future.  We also appreciate your contributions to the Connected Educator Month archives, which will be available soon, and thank you advance for your feedback on our forthcoming report, which will share what we learned from the month's events.  We hope you will continue to collaborate with us as we embark on envisioning Connected Educator Month's next incarnation.

Yours truly,

Darren Cambridge, American Institute for Research
Karen Cator, U.S. Department of Education

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Craig Smith

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