Monday, July 8, 2013

Ashbrook Air Force JROTC Succeeds at Leadership School

Top cadets from Ashbrook Air Force JROTC attended Converse College Leadership School June 23-29.  The leadership school is attended by more than 300 cadets from schools in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.  
Cadets Simon Towner and Tristan Williamson were Honor Graduates, placing them in the top 5% of the school. Caleb Bartlett received the Outstanding Flight Cadet Award.  

Of over 200 cadets competing for the Drill Master Award, the top two were from Ashbrook: Lacee Millwood placed second while Chris Rollins edged her out for first place.  

Of all cadet leaders at Converse, Cadet Major Meagan Willis was named the Outstanding Staff Cadet, garnering the coveted National Sojourners Award.

These award winners project a bright future for Ashbrook’s JROTC program.

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