Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Holiday Travel Workout

July always brings family vacationing and travel.  For us, it's a week-long visit in Michigan.  If you are like me, you struggle not being able to workout regularly, in addition to the massive amount of eating (hey, it IS a vacation).

Over the past few days, I created a two-part outdoor travel workout requiring only a flat area, such as a cement patio, and an area to run (My mother did provide her Yoga mat for the second day).  Each day takes approximately 45 minutes.  This is not a workout for a "runner", but rather for someone who is used to circuit training.

Part A
30 regular push-ups
25 jumping jacks
25 wide push-ups
Repeat x3
Run a predetermined distance (for me, it was to the next intersection on the street, which 
was approximately one-half of a mile)

This is one set.  

Two sets complete the workout.

Take at least one day to rest, recover, and in my case, eat constantly.

Part B
30 regular push-ups
20 stationary high-knees
20 "inside" push-ups
20 stationary butt-kicks
Repeat x3
Run a predetermined distance (again, for me was approximately one-half of a mile)

30 regular push-ups
20 rotating toe-touches
20 "inside" push-ups
Repeat x3
Run predetermined distance

Workout completed.

This two-part outdoor travel workout serves as a solid substitute while I am away from my regular workout regiment.

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