Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Recent Plan: The 20 Rep Squat HLM Full Body Workout (July '13)

This full body workout is one I have been dedicated to since March.  "Day A" is the heavy training day with simple, heavy compound movements.  "Day B" is the lighter training day with higher rep sets.  "Day C" is the medium training day with moderate rep ranges with primarily heavy compound lifts.  The key component of this workout is starting with a leg exercise, especially the 20 rep squat on the last day.  For some days, I occasionally change the exercise, such as "Goodmornings" for Deadlift.  Core-exercises are added twice per three-day rotation, as well.  I have definitely felt and observed improvements in overall strength and suggest this workout to anyone looking to drastically change up their routine.

"Day A"
First lifting day of the week
Bench Press33-5
Seated Barbell Press33-5
"Day B"
At least one day of rest after "A"
Leg Press or Leg Extension215
Dumbbell Flys or Weighted Chest Dip215
Lat Pull Down or Wide Grip Pull Up215
Leg Curl215
Dumbbell Lateral Raise215
Skull Crushers or Cable Tricep Extension215
Concentration Curl or EZ Bar Preacher Curl215
Seated Calf Raise215
Rear Laterals215
"Day C"
At least one day of rest after "B"
Dumbbell Bench Press36 to 10
Bent Over Row36 to 10
Romanian Deadlift26 to 10
Seated Dumbbell Press36 to 10
French Press or Close Grip Bench Press26 to 10
Barbell Curl or Dumbbell Curl26 to 10
Standing Calf Raise26 to 10

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