Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let's Be Ambassadors

Engaged in a book to close the summer, I stumbled upon an ideology which could be directly implemented in schools.

The concept is clean and straightforward:

Let's be ambassadors for our students.

Ambassadors build strong relationships by giving.  The typical assignment of an "ambassador" is to visit a foreign country and give the people whatever is needed, showing tremendous respect for their culture and way of life.  Regardless of the situation, the ambassador revolves their responsibilities around giving the people whatever is needed.

Educators have every opportunity to serve as ambassadors for our students.  Effective educators constantly give their students whatever is needed to be successful.

Yet, ambassadors are not pushovers; if a serious conflict arises, ambassadors communicate their disapproval and intolerance for the behavior.

Successful ambassadors communicate with respect to build strong relationships.  To be successful, educators need to do the same.

For most of us in North Carolina, students return to school on August 26th.  For some, the opening of school has already passed.

The opportunity to be an ambassador is possible for all.

Let's be ambassadors.

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