Thursday, January 7, 2016

"I Can" Statements and RBT

When writing and planning appropriate "I can" statements aligned with the Common Core and Essential Standard curriculum, it is important to utilize the verbs in Revised Bloom's Taxonomy.

I hold tremendous value on "I can" statements as instructional goals among the teacher and their students, creating shared ownership of the learning.

These verbs are associated with the appropriate level of RBT, beginning with Lower Order Thinking Skills and progressing towards Higher Order thinking skills:

Remember: recognize, recall

Understand: interpret, classify, explain, infer, exemplify, summarize, compare

Apply: execute, implement

Analyze: differentiate, attribute, organize

Evaluate: check, critique

Create: plan, generate, produce, design

ex. I can summarize a point of view as how the author feels about a topic.
ex. I can differentiate the characteristic of real, rational, irrational, and complex numbers.

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