Saturday, January 9, 2016

My #NCDLCN Visit via Twitter

Friday, January 8th, I was able to attend the North Carolina Digital Learning Coaches Network session with Instructional Technology Facilitators, teachers, media coordinators, administrators, and central office personnel from across the state.  The NCDLCN professional development is "customized and tailored to fit the current needs" and "provide concrete, quality, purposeful, reflective practices supported through technology."

Lake Norman Charter was represented by Jamie Lord & Sara Danckaert, who are in their second year of the cohort and serve as ITF's within our schools.  Also, Marianne Rogowski, MS Media Coordinator, in currently in her first year of the NCDLCN program.  Melissa McNeilly, Spanish Teacher at the HS, joined us and was able to present with Mrs. Lord on the ITF-Teacher Partnership.  In addition, Mr. Mike McAlpin, MS Assistant Principal, completed the LNC assemblage.

The following is a summary of my tweets from the event (#NCDLCN):

Look for additional blog posts in the near future on my NCDLCN experience.

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