Friday, September 13, 2013

The Exercise for Parents To-Be

If you are an expecting parent and work out regularly, I have a strong recommendation to implement in your workout: Barbell Good-Mornings.

In March, I began The 20 Rep Squat HLM Full Body Workout as my primary regiment.  On "A Days", I supplemented Deadlifts with Barbell Good-Mornings to increase back strength, as well as a targeted core-exercise.

I have always placed high-value on my lower-back and core, ever since I was diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis in the spring of 2007.  Since then, I have always been very careful to incorporate the proper stretches provided through physical therapy before any workout.

In June of 2012, my wife and I welcomed our daughter to the world.  An active athlete and someone who places great value on their health and fitness, I believed my body, specifically my back, would be well-prepared for being a Dad.

I was wrong.

After the first few weeks of being home from the hospital, I had terrible lower-back pain with additional back spasms.

Lifting, carrying, and lowering an infant is similar to working with a 20 lb. Kettle ball (not that I am comparing by beautiful daughter to a piece of exercise equipment).  You also spend a large amount of time bending over a crib, changing table, bed, and play-mat.  These activities can cause havoc to your lower-back if not adequately prepared.

Implementing Barbell Good-Mornings will help prepare your lower back muscles for the type of movements and activity to occur daily with your new child.  If you do not attend a gym, the exercise can be performed at home without weights.

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