Saturday, January 4, 2014

Biology Data-Driven EOC Review

I wanted to share how our Biology PLC is using student data to drive the last week of instruction for the semester in preparation for the upcoming Biology End-of-Course assessment:

  • Assessments are returned to students with incorrect answers indicated; total score not emphasized (either way; if a student did very well or if a student did not do well).
  • Students receive a half-sheet breakdown of each unit (Cell Reproduction, Evolution, Classification, etc.) and the questions #'s aligned with the unit.  Note: We have used Common Assessment data throughout the semester for each of these units.
  • Students highlight each question # marked incorrect on the assessment.
  • On the back of the half-sheet, students write down any term they "don't understand", "remember the teacher talking about, but not exactly sure what it is...", etc.
  • The teacher collects both sets of data from the students and organize objective/unit-based review for the last five instructional days of the semester.  
  • Teachers and students create take-home vocabulary flashcards as an out of class study-tool.
  • The data allows the Biology PLC to focus on specific areas of the Biology content, based primarily from the Biology EOC Pre-Test.
  • Students take the Released Version of the Biology EOC for the 2nd time as the "Biology EOC Post-Test", after the objective-based reviews have been conducted.

Thanks for reading and thank you to the teachers of my Biology PLC for their emphasis of effectively utilizing student data within their classrooms,


Graphic courtesy of Daniel Maunick,

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