Friday, January 9, 2015

Follow-Up to 'Hashtag' Presentation at Conference (Internal Blog Post to GCS Admin in July)

Fellow GCS School Leaders,

This post serves as a connection to my topic during the "round-table" discussions at our conference in June.  I discussed the value of effectively using "hashtags" for professional growth through Twitter.  I frequently referenced #ncadmin throughout the discussion as an example and utilized this to demonstrate how the hashtag organizes tweets with a common theme or topic.

Since the discussion frequently veered towards the value of Twitter chats to grow your Professional Learning Network (PLN), as well as engaging in chats for collaboration, I wanted to share the archive from last night's #ncadmin chat: Strategies for Instructional Leadership.  

The chat was co-moderated with Derek McCoy, who was named a 2014 NASSP Digital Principal of the Year and was highlighted at ISTE in Atlanta last month.  The #ncadmin cohort has been a shared venture of ours.

This archive may assist those of you who are not sure what a Twitter chat "looks like"; for some, this archive may be overwhelming.  It is my intention to simply share.

I post the #ncadmin chat archives on my own blog, Blog of Craig Smith, so feel free to view previous chats (and any other posts, of course).

Thanks for reading and enjoy your summer,

Craig S. Smith
Assistant Principal
Ashbrook High School

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