Monday, March 23, 2015

Four Education-Related NC House Bills to Watch

Updated 4/28/15 (updates listed in italics)

There are numerous House and Senate Bills recently filled and/or have passed first reading, greatly impacting our public schools in North Carolina.  Here are four to watch:

House Bill 300 (now listed as HB 675 - now (4/28) listed as H803) - Modify School Performance Grades
The current School Performance Grade is appropriated by 80% Achievement / 20% Growth.  Each school would now receive a School Performance Grade for school achievement AND school growth.  School Growth would now weigh 50%.
4/28-House Ed Committee approves
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House Bill 248 - Eliminate NC Final Exam
NC Final Exams would be eliminated.  Local school boards would be given authority to determine how Standard VI (and Standard VIII for admin) would be determined.
House Ed Committee approves HB248; now moves to House Floor.

House Bill 123 - Legislators Spend Time in Schools
This Bill ENCOURAGES legislators to spend time in their local public schools but also states a legislator would not be required to spend more than four days at local public schools.

House Bill 21 (also Senate Bill 31) - Restore Teaching Fellows Program
For 2016-2017, this Bill would restore the fellowship program, funding 500 scholarships (estimated at $3.25 Million, via  Teaching Fellows once provided scholarships to education majors with a return committal to teach within North Carolina Public Schools.

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See also: Senate Bill 121: The Excellence in School Leadership Act

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