Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Non-Traditional Faculty Meeting

In lieu of our October Faculty Meeting, I decided to go a different route.  Tuesday, Oct. 13, our faculty participated in a Non-Traditional Faculty Meeting.  These were the requirements/expectations:

You must work on something that benefits student learning and achievement.  THIS EXCLUDES GRADING.

You must have at least one other person in the room working.  No one is to be isolated in their classroom.

You are expected to work until 3:45 PM (the time our September Faculty Meeting adjourned).

Be prepared to share what you have worked on during this time, upon request.

I will be asking faculty to anonymously submit, through a Google Form, what they worked on during the Non-Traditional Faculty Meeting time.  I will not ask who they worked with.  I did not walk the building to check who was working with whom, nor where they were working.

Personally, I was too busy working in a Science classroom while three Science teachers collaborated on utilizing Vernier Lapquest App resource for data collection and analysis.  And they were still collaborating after 3:45 PM.  I believe our Faculty Meeting would have already concluded.

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