Monday, November 23, 2015

Four Thoughts from the UNC-Charlotte Education Career Fair

1.  District and school reputations allow prospective candidates to come to you, rather than vice versa.  Granted, principals and district representatives can be much more relaxed when there is an absence of vacancies in high-demand areas.

2.  Don't underestimate the benefit of distinguishing structural characteristics of a school, especially for people who have traveled through your area, but may not be very familiar with specific locations.  "Yes, we're the school(s) with the blue roof." immediately separates LNC structurally from any neighboring or nearby school.

3.  An unexpected benefit of attending a Career Fair is reconnecting with colleagues, expanding connections with other school/district leaders, establishing relationships with other schools for future collaboration,, and catching up face-to-face with your Professional Learning Network:

4.  As challenging and well-publicized as it has become to recruit undergraduate students to enter the professional of education, UNC-Charlotte continues to provide qualified and eager candidates.

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