Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Two Simple Ways to Immediately Improve Health (for the New Year)

Since many people make health-related Resolutions for the New Year, I wanted to share two (relatively) simple ways to immediately improve health for 2016, based on how you start and finish your day, in regards to nutrition:

1.  Drink (at least) 500 mL of water in the morning before drinking any other liquid, which is the typical 16.9 fluid oz bottled water.  The second liquid for me is regularly coffee, as I am assuming is common with the majority of those reading this post.

2.  Do not eat after 9 PM.  Granted, the time limitation depends on when you normally go to bed.  During the week, which is directly impacted by our two kids, is normally 10 - 10:30 PM.  The one exception to this rule is on football (or basketball) Friday Night's, which are much later than normal weekday nights and usually require much more activity than a "standard" weekday night.

As with any fitness/health/nutrition goal, the most important key for success is self-determination and dedication.  These two habits have been embedded in my daily lifestyle for some time and I strongly support implementing both.

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