Saturday, August 13, 2016

Principals Know Summer is Over at School When...

Our teachers report Monday, and as I reflected upon the end of the summer, I started thinking about those subtle aspects of a Principal's life that drastically change when teachers return back to the school to open the next academic year (which in itself is somewhat rhetorical, gauging on how many teachers work in their classroom before their "report" date).

I encourage other School Admin to submit their own completions to the statement, either by commented to tweeting me @CSmithGoBlue.

These are mild attempts at humor, not intended to be taken offense to.

Principal's know summer is over at their school when...

You hear the comment, "I can't believe summer is over..." within your building at least 20 times per day.  Not necessarily in a negative connotation, but just rather frequently.  By everyone.

You have to start carrying your radio/walkie with you.  And actually turn it on, too.  That Kenwood has to be FULLY CHARGED right now.

All of the "summer facility/campus projects" hit an incredibly-accelerated speed of production.  Apparently, teachers aren't the only industry with legitimate due dates, too.

You have to begin wearing pants (this is for the males).  Don't take this one the wrong way; during the summer, I am afforded the ability to wear shorts.  I like to call it the "Professional P.E." look: collared shirt with khaki/golf shorts.  That also means...

You have to begin wearing shoes that aren't as comfortable.  Good-bye Nike's (except Friday's); hello Oxford's.  

Furniture starts appearing in the hallway.  At the same token...

"Has anyone seen my [insert furniture item]..." emails become common.
Updated 8/11/16

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