Thursday, March 9, 2017

30-Minute Push-Up Fest

If you are looking for an intensive, bodyweight workout that is exactly 30 minutes and can be completed anywhere, then continue reading.  All you need is a one-minute timer and some motivation.

The workout consists of one primary exercise, push-up's, and a group of secondary exercises, targeting legs and core.

The key component of the workout is the one-minute timer.  When you start the timer, complete the set of push-up's, followed by the secondary exercise.  When you complete both sets, you rest for the remainder of the minute.  When the timer sounds, immediately start the next round.

There are 30 total rounds, each beginning every 60 seconds.

1 15 Push-up's (Merkins for F3 Nation)
2A 10 Squats
2B 10 Crunches
2C 10 Lunges (each leg)
2D 20 Flutter Kicks or 10 Arms-High Partial Sit-up (can be replaced with any core/ab exercise)
2E 5 Burpees

The progression looks like this:

15 PU's, 10 squats. Rest until buzzer.  15 PU's, 10 crunches.  Rest until buzzer.  15 PU's, 10 lunges.  Rest until buzzer.  30 total rounds (30 sets of PU's, six sets of each of the five secondary exercises).

If completed with the above range, you end up doing 450 PU's in 30 minutes.

The beauty of this workout is being able to customize the # of reps and interchange the type of exercise, based on what you want to accomplish that day.  In addition, it can be done anywhere (office, living room, etc.), so it's perfect for someone with a hectic schedule who can't make it to the gym on a given day.


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