Thursday, May 18, 2017

Education HR 101

I acknowledge the corporate and business world are much different than the education field, but self-admittedly, the field of education is all I know.  As the school-year begins winding down, it's application/vacancy season.  I am very surprised how often two Human Resources basics are often not followed.

Call these the two commandments of "Education HR 101":

1.  Always notify your current supervisor (Principal) that you are applying for the position.  No Principal, administrator, or supervisor wants to hear from the applied district/agency before hearing from you.

2.  Always list your current supervisor as a reference.  An applicant not listing their current supervisor is a red flag.  In fact, anyone who interviews & hires a candidate without speaking to their current supervisor is concerning, as well.  I am continually astonished this actually still occurs in our field.

Hopefully this serves as a helpful reminder.

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