Monday, April 30, 2012

Information Technology Essential Standards

The Instructional Facilitator's did a great job with their presentation on the Information Technology Essential Standards last month for both Principal's and Assistant Principals.  The link to the presentation can be found here:


The YouTube clips are great, demonstrating some of the strategies that allow teachers to incorporate these standards into their instruction.  I really like the young girl explaining how "QR Codes" work.  As a matter of fact, I created a QR code the day after the meeting and it is still on my office door.

Located in the presentation are five "Fast Facts" of the ITES:

  • The ITES are to be embedded within all areas of the curriculum.
  • Classroom teachers are responsible for teaching the new ITES standards beginning this current school year.
  • Media Coordinators and Technology Facilitators, as ITES experts, will collaborate with teachers to plan, create, teach, and assess effective student instruction.
  • The ITES must be taught in all North Carolina schools-in places where technology is prevalent, as well as schools with limited technology access.
  • Technology and information tools and resources must be taught and used in authentic ways.

This is simply a small sampling of the technology needed to incorporate the new Information Technology Essential Standards into our classrooms.  It's important for school leaders to become familiar with these standards, as well as comfortable discussing their implement them into instruction.    

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