Monday, June 11, 2012

Notes from Understanding Standards VI & VIII

I recently viewed an archived W ebinar called "Understanding Standards VI & VIII", which will be incorporated in every teacher's and administrator's evaluation, respectively.  I wanted to share my notes, which I provided via Twitter:

NC will use the Educator Value-Added Assessment System (EVAAS) for standards 6/8.

Growth will be determined comparing "predicted scores" and student performance. (Opinion: Predicted scores will now weigh heavily)

The three Principal Rating Categories for Standard 8: Does not meet expected growth, Meets expect growth, Exceeds expect growth.

For principals, Standard 8 is called "Academic Achievement leadership".

For teachers, Standard 6 is called "Contribute to Academic Success" and has the same three rating categories. 

Standard 6 for teachers will consist 70% of teacher score & 30% of school score.

Three years of data must take place before a teacher or principal receives a "Status" for Standard 6/8.

Principals "status" will be "In Need of Improvement" if any Standard 1-7 rating is lower than proficient AND/OR Does Not Meet ExpGr.

Principals "status" will be "Effective" if Standards 1-7 rating is proficient or higher AND Meets/Exceeds Expected Growth.

Principals "status" will be "Highly Effective" if Standards 1-7 rating is accomplished or higher AND Exceeds Expected Growth.

Teachers "status" will be "In Need of Improvement" if any of Standard 1-7 is below proficient AND/OR Does Not Meets Expected Growth.

Teachers "status" will be "Effective" if Standards 1-5 is Proficient or higher AND Meets Expected Growth on Standard 6.

Teachers "status" will be "Highly Effective" if Standards 1-5 are Accomplished or higher AND Exceeds Expected Growth.

For the 2011-2012 school year, Standard Six rating for teachers in non-tested grades/subjects will be based on school-wide growth.

Hopefully these notes are helpful to all teachers and administrators in North Carolina.  There is much more information regarding Standards VI and VIII, so I strongly suggest pursuing the information available for your district.

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Craig Smith

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