Thursday, August 22, 2013

Legislation: Fact vs. Myth Pre-Assessment (Part I)

This is the Pre-Assessment for my "Legislation: Fact vs. Myth" Presentation, which occurred with the Ashbrook High School Faculty and Staff on August 22, 2013.

Legislation: Fact vs. Myth

Carousel Session with Mr. Smith

Answer each question to the best of your ability.  You have until the music stops to complete this Pre-Assessment.

1.      What amount did the State cut the Gaston County Schools budget? _____________

2.     What is the entire Gaston County Schools budget? ___________________________

3.     How much local funding does GCS receive? _________________________________

4.     True or False: GCS received an increase of local funding this year. ____________

5.     True or False: If a teacher receives additional pay for a Master’s Degree, you will be losing the supplement. ______________

6.     If a teacher is currently pursuing their Master’s degree, when does it need to be completed? _________________________________

7.     True or False: Performance Pay or Incentive-Based Pay could be implemented this year. _____________

8.     What is the number of CEU’s required for License Renewal? _________________

9.     How many CEU’s are required in your subject area for Renewal? _____________

10. True or False: Opportunity Scholarships (Vouchers) will drastically impact public education this school year. __________________


The opinions shared in this blog belong to Craig Smith and do not represent the school or district in which he works.

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