Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Interview First Impressions: Not Only The Candidate

School districts across the country have hit their summer, so while our schools are much quieter with the vacancy of students, most school leaders and administrators are in the midst of interviews to fill vacancies for the upcoming year.

Recently, as I prepared to spend an afternoon interviewing selected candidates for a first-round of interviews, I reflected on an element within an interview that can be easily overlooked by those conducting interviews.

It's not only the candidate who is making a first impression during an interview.
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We, as interviewers, are making a first impression to a prospective teammate.

The interview is an opportunity for Principal's to demonstrate pertinent leadership attributes, such as listening intently and communication.

The individual is going to sell themselves as the strongest candidate to join your school.  At the same time, we (as Principal or related leadership position) are setting the tone of what we value most, aligned with the school culture, to potentially our team's newest addition.

Consequentially, as we prepare to engage in interviews to fill vacancies, remember the candidate is not the only one providing a first impression.

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